Blog post in Myrmecological News

January 24, 2019 Check out a blog post written by Jeff Garnas on colony social structure in the invasive European fire ant, Myrmica rubra.  Super-abundant and with a nasty sting, this ant is still near and dear to Jeff’s heart as the subject of his Masters work at the University of Maine.

Eric Morrison arrives for a postdoc!

October 10, 2018 Dr. Eric Morrison has joined the lab to investigate the fungal community ecology of the beech bark disease system (using a amplicon sequencing approach) and to examine the land genetics of associated Neonectria pathogens.  Welcome Eric!

COLSA highlights the lab’s Emerald ash borer work

October 2, 2018 Thanks UNH!  See:  Bellwether beetle  Also see several videos on Facebook and Twitter:   UNH scientist tackles looming forest health crisis Fighting bugs with bugs Nice to see the face of the lab getting out there (which is to say the students and fieldworkers who make the whole thing run!)

AmNat paper from lab member Jeremy Heath is out!

May 1, 2018 Jeremy’s paper entitled “Adaptive Divergence in a Defense Symbiosis Driven from the Top Down” is published in this month’s American Naturalist!  Download a free copy here: Congrats Jeremy!