We are the University of New Hampshire Postdoctoral Association, but you can call us the UNH PDA for short.

We are a collection of postdoctoral scholars at UNH who want to support and network with each other, provide resources for incoming postdocs, and collectively get the most out of our postdoctoral experience at UNH.

Not sure where to start? Head over the People section to learn more about our Executive Committee. Check out the About section if you're interested in learning more about us. You can also follow us on Twitter @unhpostdocs.

National Postdoctoral AssociationUNH is a member of the National Postdoctoral Association and postdocs at UNH have full, free access to the NPA's resources and activities. UNH postdocs can register directly with the NPA as affiliate individual members.

About Us

PDA addresses the needs and concerns of all postdoctoral scholars.

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meet our Executive Committee

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Campus Information and Offices

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Spring Social 2024

Board Game Night February 2024

Monthly Lunch January 2024

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