Example Page

This content is to help you get started.  You can delete when ready.

To add a new page:

  • Pages>Add New
  • Enter title in the Add Title field and choose to have the title displayed on the page or not by clicking the eye on the left. Choose Launch Beaver Builder.
  • To use a template
    Select  +   and  select Templates tab to view available templates.  Drag template to page.
    OR to design your own page, Select the Rows tab, drag preferred columns layout to page.
    Switch to Module tab and select and drag module to content area of layout.
    General, style and Advanced setting will display for each module as they are added.



  • Primary menu displays on every page. If you click the button for “Auto add pages” every new page you create will be added to the menu. You can sort the menu on the left side under add menu items or you can move around how the menu is structured under menu structure.


To change Headers/Footers/Menu looks:

Site Identity>Site Title & Logo Settings

  • Can add a logo to main title, choose to display a tagline under the title, change the color of the text, banners
  • Click Primary Menu and can change color, features, pull-down menus


  • Click  + in any box to add information, change colors or size
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